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Producer of great music since the 80's.

Carlos Cannon is known as a smooth jazz saxophonist with three Smooth Jazz CD’s, “Steppin’ Up The Game,” “Takin It Smooth,” and “In The Name of Love.” Until now 2020, he released a Dance/House song called “Hennessy.” The Hennessy song and video are about joy, dance, and having fun. Before his Hennessy release, the native Chicagoan  has been making his mark throughout the states and around the Chicago area for more than three-decade as a professional soloist & contemporary jazz artist. Mr. Cannon latest CD released is called, “Steppin’ Up The Game,” is one of the most requested smooth jazz CD in Chicago and is reaching the attention across the states. At the age of 12, Carlos Cannon started playing the bass guitar in neighborhood bands and high school. Inspired by the late Grover Washington Jr., Carlos Cannon eagerly picked up the alto saxophone and became the first chair player in the Paul Robeson high school jazz band in Chicago. Carlos Cannon went on to major in music performance at Illinois State University where he formed his own jazz band and took first place in the state jazz band competition. He later transferred to Roosevelt University and continued his musical studies.

Daiane ``Lady Day`` Cannon

In 2011, Daiane became apart of the Brazilian Chicago Samba Dance Group. In 2015, she became the first-place winner as the “Queen of Chicago Samba” champion.

Daiane is now known as a professional Samba Dancer and Samba Costume designer. Meanwhile, I had to ask Daiana to lay something down on the dance track. While in my music studio, Daiane was playing around with some words (free styling) on the microphone. While recording her, I began to notice something magical was happening. The rhythmic rhymes of her voice and her Brazilian flavor(rapping) gave life to the song. We began to collaborate on some exchanges of lyrics and “Hennessy,” was formed. However, the “Hennessy,” song could not be completed without having some jazz flavor and a little funk of soprano saxophone which put the icing on the cake.

The Hennessy song features Carlos Cannon, lead vocalist, Brazilian rapper, wife, Daiane Cannon, Aka, “DayMdz,” and “TChi,” back round and Ab lib vocalists. Lyric is written by Carlos and wite, Daiane Cannon. Music is produced by Carlos Cannon and Dion Wolford/Key Productions.

Latest Music Video “HENNESSY”, released December, 2020