My Latest Release – Hennessy

My latest single release, “Hennessy,” was created when one day I asked my wife, after 10 years of being together, to say something over a dance music track I have written. While in my music studio, Daiane was playing around with words (free styling) on the microphone. While recording her, I began to notice something magical was happening. The rhythmic rhymes of Daiane’s voice and her Brazilian flavor (rapping) gave life to the song. Her voice was unique and was on point. This Brazilian woman has skills vocally she didn’t know about. We then collaborated on some lyrics and “Hennessy,” was formed. However, the “Hennessy,” song could not be completed without adding some jazzy flavor and a little funk of my soprano sax which put the icing on the cake. The “Hennessy,” features Carlos Cannon on lead vocals, Brazilian rapper, wife, “DayMdz” aka Daiana Cannon, and “TChi,” on Ab lib and background vocalist. The “Hennessy,” video was created by Chicago’s local artists, videographer- Kevin Hanshaw, Chicago’s Hiplets Ballerinas, and MarkChello’s Dance Group.